Fletcher Special: Richly Filled Venison Stew

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Fletcher Special: Richly Filled Venison Stew

Our new Fletcher Special is all about the wild game season! Come and enjoy one of our restaurants where we serve a richly filled venison stew with crispy sweet potato, stewed pears, and red cabbage.

Serving suggestion:

La Trappe Trappist Bock Beer
This unique seasonal beer is the only trappist bock beer in the world and features a dry, roasted, spicy flavor with a robust bitterness and a hint of licorice. These characteristics make La Trappe Bock Beer a beautiful autumn beer that delights all the senses. It pairs wonderfully with the venison stew.

Of course, you can enhance your culinary meal with other delicious drinks and dishes from our menu.

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Fletcher Special: Richly Filled Venison Stew

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